Welcome to Biology!

This is a required, two tri-mester course offered at Farmington High School that studies the topic of life. This includes Ecology, Biochemistry, Cells, Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, DNA, Protein Synthesis, Cell Division, Genetics, and Evolution. The overall concept of the Scientific Method will be incorporated into the entire school years curriculum.
Important Information/Tips:
1. Study EVERY night...this is critical to your success in high school and will be a valuable asset for college.
2. Use your assignment book (and check it) for homework.
3. Turn in your work ON TIME.
4. Keep your biology folders up to date so that you can always get an "A" on folder checks.
5. Maintain your unit grade sheet and keep up on all due dates!
6. Come in and get help if you need it!!!

And don't forget...there is after school tutoring available every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the media center.

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Important Files

Biology A Syllabus:


Honors A Syllabus:

Biology B Syllabus:

Honor's Biology B Syllabus:

Lab Contract (all classes):

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