Welcome to the Biology B home page! In this term we will cover the five units listed below, building upon what you have learned in previous science courses. On each page I have included some helpful pages that can be downloaded through Microsoft Word or Adobe and some links from the internet that I found helpful.

Each unit varies in length, so it is important for you to keep up on your work and always prepare for your tests. I recommend that you review your biology EVERY NIGHT! That is the only way to truly ensure that you will be ready on test days. As you review, make sure to highlight any questions you have and bring them in to me so I can help clarify. The key is not to simply memorize-it is to UNDERSTAND the information we are learning:)

Additionally, you will see that every unit this term connects to the previous one, so it is very important that you keep up and ask questions. If you fall behind early, it will be very difficult to catch back up.


Biology B Unit Pages

Unit 1: DNA, Replication, Protein Synthesis

Unit 2: Chromosomes and Cell Division

Unit 3: Genetics

Unit 4: Evolution